akko backboards give tennis players of all ages and ability levels the best practice partner available today – practice on your schedule and at your pace. Did you know that you can hit more balls on a backboard in 15 minutes than you would in an entire match? Bakko Backboards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit the needs of every player and facility – private courts, country clubs, camps,municipalities, schools, colleges, military bases, homeowner associations – wherever the game is played! Bakko has backboards all over the world!
    Bakko’s creation, in the 70s, was the reaction of a creative and imaginative father tiring of the noise from his children pounding balls against the garage door. Over the decades, Bakko has continued to utilize innovative ideas to expand Bakko Backboards offering many options for the tennis enthusaist,while remaining a small, quality-conscious, family-owned business.

We are driven to give you exceptional quality with friendly personal service.

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